QCK Records began to take shape in late 2015, when we came together as a collective with the same goals: improve ourselves as artists and promote the music scene of our city. What we started as a simple way to share our passion for music grew into a collaborative project that led to our first releases.

Our love for house music brought us together in the beginning, and it’s what keeps us united today. Our productions tend to explore different sub-genres such as deep house, lo-fi, acid, etc.
With the label growing and requiring more and more effort over time, we began to specialize in different roles, so that we could manage our workload in a organized manner.


The music scene in France, Germany and other European countries has been thriving in the last years, with an ever-increasing number of people looking for this specific kind of house. We want Italy to move forward too, and hopefully we’ll become a reference point for all of those that love this new era of house music in our own country.

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